About Us

Tunca Vocational College was established within the body of Trakya University Rectorate in 2007-2008 academic year by the decisions of the Higher Education Council, No. 2400 dated 28/06/2007 and of the Rectorate of Trakya University, No. 427-5703 dated 20/04/2007, pursuant to the amended Article 7/d-2 of the Law No. 2880 of the Act 2547. 


Internet based Distance Education is applied in Tunca Vocational College. This structure is the latest teaching model that makes use of Internet technologies for the students to reach course materials. 

The educational method within a virtual environment, which is called Distance Education, was undertaken by our university in 2006 and became operational with the establishment of the Distance Education Center (TUDEC), which is based on the principle of "Life-long Learning".

Within the body of our vocational college, Computer Programming, Information Management, Business Management and Tourism&Hotel Management programs are available. 

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